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GeoTux geotux06 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 01:52:43 CEST 2009

Hi, we are GeoTux team and we'll publish a second version of a *Thin web
mapping clients comparison* [1].

We want you to validate the following data which help us to have more
accurate information about your project:

   - *License:* ?
   - *Origin country:* ?
   - *Origin organization*: Camptocamp; OpenGeo; OSGIS ?
   - *Documentation*:
      - Languages: English
      - Formats: Blog
   - *OSGeo support:* No
   - *The project is built on:* Javascript (Ext JS)
   - *API language:* Javascript
   - *GeoServices support:* WMS; WFS
   - *Map server dependency:* No
   - *Require privative plug-ins?:* No
   - *Include metadata component:* No
   - *Mailing lists:* Yes (Users, Developers; Trac; Commits)

Thanks in advance.

GeoTux team.



Soluciones Geoinformáticas Libres
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