[Users] Legend Panel Does Not Display Icons for Cached Layers

IT Intern itintern12 at gmail.com
Thu Nov 4 18:20:00 CET 2010

Hello GeoExt Users,

I've been playing with the ExtJS and GeoExt libraries for a bit and now have
what I can call a map browser.  I was originally calling layers from the
server and had their icons displaying in a GeoExt.LegendPanel.  Ever since I
started using GeoWebCache to get my layers from a cache location, the
LegendPanel does not display the icons.  I actually do not understand why
this had any effect since my styles are still located in the same place as
they were before.  If anyone can provide me with some insight, I'd be very
greatful.  I have read that the LegendPanel pulls this from the WMS
GetLegendGraphic parameter, but I do not have any idea where or how
GeoExt.LegendPanel gets that info.  I've also seen some weird/dirty looking
hack to override LegendPanel icons..but I couldn't make much sense of that
either :-/

//This is the code to my legend panel and I am wondering if it is just a
config option I am supposed to change/set?
var legend = new GeoExt.LegendPanel({
                region: "east",
                title: "Legend",
                width: 200,
                autoScroll: true,
                layerStore: mapPanel.layers

Thank you for your time oh wise ones :),

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