[Users] LayerOpacitySliderTip not works..

Arnaud JEAN-CHARLES a.jean-charles at valabre.com
Tue Nov 9 16:48:54 CET 2010


Hello everybody,  


In my mapPanel I have:

{ // http://api.geoext.org/1.0/examples/layeropacityslider.html

                                                type: "gx_opacityslider",//
create a separate slider bound to the map

                                                layer: FOND_v2,

                                                hover: true,

                                                vertical: false,

                                                aggressive: true,

                                                inverse: true,

                                                width: 120,

                                                value: 88

plugins: new GeoExt.LayerOpacitySliderTip({template: '<div>Opacité:



Since I upgraded GeoExt ( <http://svn.geoext.org/core/trunk/geoext/>
http://svn.geoext.org/core/trunk/geoext/) and extjs (
<http://svn.geoext.org/ext/3.2.1/> http://svn.geoext.org/ext/3.2.1/) FireBug
tells me that “this.slider.thumbs is undefined” in SliderTips.js at line 79
è for (var i=0, ii=this.slider.thumbs.length; i<ii; ++i)


Do you know how can I resolve this ?


Thanks a lot for your help


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