[Users] Group Layers Do Not Display in Legend Panel

IT Intern itintern12 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 10 19:16:09 CET 2010

Hello GeoExt,

I have a GeoExt.LegendPanel which is working just fine for layers which are
not grouped.  However, the grouped layers do not show any icon in the
LegendPanel.  I have tried to create the group layer various ways, using the
exact name of the layer group in Geoserver and aldo by specifying a layer
string in code.  I've been looking around for a while now, but I don't see
what I am missing..

Here is relevant code:

//Layer Group
var geography2 = new OpenLayers.Layer.WMS(
                    "Geography2", "http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wms",
{layers: 'cite:geog_multipol_vw,cite:geog_multiline_vw', transparent: true},
{isBaseLayer: false, displayInLayerSwitcher: true, visibility: true,
minScale: 27734017.045258757}

//LegendPanel config
var legend = new GeoExt.LegendPanel({
                region: "east",
                title: "Legend",
                width: 200,
                autoScroll: true,
                layerStore: mapPanel.layers

//Explicitly point LegendPanel to GetLegendGraphic on WMS Geoserver for
GeoWebCached Layers
            var LayerRec;
            for(var l = 4; l < map.layers.length; l++)
                LayerRec = mapPanel.layers.getAt(l);
+ map.layers[l].params["LAYERS"]);

Thanks for your time in trying to help me :),

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