[Users] Redlining Popup trouble

jonathan Maura jonathan.maura at bluecham.net
Tue Nov 16 03:12:43 CET 2010

Hi all, 
I want to use the ux Redlining in my application. 
I use this code to add redlining buttons:

var Tools = new  Ext.ButtonGroup({
		title: 'Add Content',
		columns: 8
        var controler = new GeoExt.ux.FeatureEditingControler({
            'cosmetic': true,
            map: this.map,
            styler: 'combobox',
            popupOptions: {anchored: false, unpinnable: false,
draggable: true}

But i have encountered trouble with the editing popup. 

With point and label, the editing popup automatically close (without any
user action, popup is active & the bbar element isn't active) 

I look at the FeatureEditingController.js and add a block comment into:

 if (feature.popup) {
            //feature.popup = null;
that allow me a "pseudo-persistence" (only for the "draw a point" tool).
I think that an event from my app "hit" the popup component and force it
to close. 

Does anyone have  a clue? 
Thanks for your time!

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