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Evans, Barry be208 at exeter.ac.uk
Fri Nov 19 10:16:35 CET 2010

Thank you geographika, I've looked through the code on the link and tried to implement it to only show data for one group (in this instance 'groupA') but I'm still getting the data of all groups shown. Below is an example of my code for the grid. When I try to implement this the grid still shows data for groupA, groupB, and groupC. I apologise for asking for further help, I am not familiar with Ext and web based programming is still relatively new for me. I assume that I am not implementing the filter method in the right way and guess I may require a listener or something along those lines. Could you or someone have a quick look at my sample of code to see if you can see the immediate problem?

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Temp_grid = new GeoExt.data.WMSCapabilitiesStore({
url: "http://localhost:8080/geoserver/ows?SERVICE=WMS&REQUEST=GetCapabilities&namespace=cite",
                                          autoLoad: true


var grid = new Ext.grid.GridPanel({

            height: 150,
                  width: 200,
                  renderTo: 'capgrid',
                  viewConfig: {forceFit: true},

                        //wms store went here before
                  store: Temp_grid,

                  columns: [{header: "Name", dataIndex: "title", sortable: true}]});

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There is a filter property on the store class from which GeoExt.data.WMSCapabilitiesStore inherits.


On 18/11/2010 12:05, Evans, Barry wrote:
Hi there,

I am using  the GeoExt.data.WMSCapabilitiesStore to display layer data contained within a namespace. The problem I have is that I now have too many layers within the grid which will overwhelm the user. Is it possible to apply a filter to the grid so that a user can only see layers, that for instance have a specific unique user ID? I see a similar feature in the layertree example in the geoext documentation and which is shown below but I cannot figure out similar process for grid panel.

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Email: be208 at exeter.ac.uk<mailto:be208 at exeter.ac.uk>

Layertree filter example

loader: {
        filter: function(record) {
            return record.get("layer").name.indexOf("Tasmania") !== -1


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