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Tue Nov 23 22:01:11 CET 2010

Hello GeoExt users,

I have an Ext.tree.TreePanel that I later add a layer to one of it's child
containers after that container has been created. The child container is an
GeoExt.tree.OverlayLayerContainer. The two things that I am struggling with
are how to set the tree nodes of an GeoExt.tree.OverlayLayerContainer to
radio buttons instead of checkboxes? and how do I add nodes later on to the
container? My attempt at this is below:

function childContainer(text, layerStore, parent, iconCls){

        parent.appendChild(new GeoExt.tree.OverlayLayerContainer({
            text: text,
            layerStore: layerStore,
            expanded: true,
            iconCls: iconCls,  //If not specified, defaults to original image
            loader: {param: "LAYERS"}

}//end childContainer

//Container for photo layers
            childContainer("Photo Layers", photoLayers, layerRoot);

//In another function

layerStore.loadData([vectorPano], true);
        var panoNode = new Ext.tree.TreeNode({
            leaf: true,
            text: 'Panoramio Photos',
            checked: false

        panoNode.addListener("radiochange", function(){
        var layerContainer = layerRoot.findChild('text', 'Photo Layers');

Currently a node is added, but it is a checkbox and when it is clicked on
and off it does not turn the layer on/off. I'd prefer radio buttons nodes..

Thank you for your time,

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