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truongxuan quang truongxuanquang at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 27 00:28:38 CET 2010

Hello List,

I am trying to do search function following example in this site 

I wrote almost same the above example given, I change only in my data what I 
istalled in Geoserver 

 var protocol= OpenLayers.Protocol.WFS({         url: 
"http://localhost:8080/geoserver/wfs",         featureType: "municipaliteis",         
//featureNS: "http://geovista.psu.edu" I dont know how to fix this line     });      
formPanel = new GeoExt.form.FormPanel({         title: "Place Name Search",         
height: 150,         region: "north",         protocol: protocol,         items: 
[{             xtype: "textfield",             width: 200,             name: 
"name__like",             minLength: 4         }, 		xtype: "textfield",             
width: 200,             name: "population__ge" 		],         listeners: {             
actioncomplete: function(form, action) {                 features = 
action.response.features;                 store.loadData(features);                 
vm=map.getLayersByName("Results");                 if(vm.length===0){                     
vecLayer = new OpenLayers.Layer.Vector("Results");                     
map.addLayer(vecLayer);                     store.bind(vecLayer);                     
select.bind(vecLayer);                 }             }         },         
buttons: [{text: 'search',             handler: function(){                 
formPanel.search();             }         }],         keys: [{ key: 
[Ext.EventObject.ENTER],              handler: function() {                 
formPanel.search();             }         }]     });  I tried for all most one 
week to fix it, but it still not working... When I click to command button 
"search" it did not show any thing. If some one have experience about this work 
please write me a command.  Thank in advance   Quang  

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