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Ali Taha ali.taha at ritaj.ps
Mon Nov 29 15:23:49 CET 2010

Hi Alex,


Thank you very much for the information,  It is very helpful framework. 


I just walkthrough the external demo, I saw that it is possible to define
roles to Read, Create, update and/or Delete, however, if you give a user
permissions to read a layer, then he will be able to read all resources in
that layer. I wonder if it is possible to give permission on subset of a
layer, for example giving a user a permission to read resources in specific
area or based on specific attribute value?



Ali Taha




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  You could use GeoPrisma to fill that need.  It uses GeoExt and OpenLayers
as client framework and a php server-side proxy to allow access control on
resources (layers) based on the logged user.  The official project website
is currently under maintenance [1] and should be back on this week.  In it,
you'll find samples, documentation, source code, etc.

  Until the website is back on, you can check an external demo showing the
basic features of GeoPrisma [2].  If you have further questions, you can
post them on the GeoPrisma-Users mailing list [3].



[1] http://geoprisma.org/
[2] http://dev4g.mapgears.com/geoprisma/demo/
[3] http://lists.osgeo.org/mailman/listinfo/geoprisma-users

On 10-11-27 07:21 PM, Ali Taha wrote: 

Dear List,


I am creating an application which will be used by a multi location
organization. What I need to do is showing subset of a layers based on the
logged user ID. Will somebody help how this requirement can be achieved
using GeoExt library.






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