[Users] Problems begining with GeoExt

Vidal, Antoni antoni.vidal at icc.cat
Tue Nov 30 14:40:52 CET 2010

Hello list,


I'm new on GeoExt, and I'm trying to create a custom layers tree menu grouping baselayers and overlays layers in diferent folders.


I tryed with this code:


var treeConfig = [{

                                nodeType: "gx_baselayercontainer"

}, {

                               nodeType: "gx_overlaylayercontainer",

expanded: true




Inside Ext.Viewport:



items: [{

                                    title: 'Capes',

                                    xtype: "treepanel",

                                    loader: new Ext.tree.TreeLoader({

                                    applyLoader: false


                                    root: {

                                        nodeType: "gx_layercontainer",

                                      children: Ext.decode(treeConfig)





It doesn't work.


Any idea or example would be appreciate.


Thank's a lot.


Antoni Vidal

Unitat d'Aplicacions SIG-WEB
Institut Cartogràfic de Catalunya <http://mercuri.icc.cat/website/mob_nf/mob1/mob2/inici2.htm?CONSULTA=Institut%20Cartogr%25E0fic%20de%20Catalunya&XYADDRESS=429486:4580392> 
Parc de Montjuïc, E-08038 Barcelona
Tel. (+34) 93 567 15 00 (ext. 3228)
www.icc.cat <http://www.icc.cat/> 


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