[Users] internet explorer extremely slow with spatial filter

Simone Dalmasso simone.dalmasso at gmail.com
Tue Nov 23 11:21:57 CET 2010

Hi, I need to have my map to show features if they are in the current extent
and if they match a selected category.
So I've written a filter function that uses the filterBy of the

*function sitesFilter(){*
* **var extent = map.getExtent();*
* **featureStore.filterBy(function(record){*
* **var currentCategory = Ext.getCmp('category').value;*
* **var feature = record.data.feature;*
* **if(feature.data.category == currentCategory){*
* **return extent.containsLonLat(new
* **}else if(!currentCategory || currentCategory == 'ALL'){*
* **return extent.containsLonLat(new
* **}*
* **});*

this is called on zoomend, moveend or when a category is chosen.
All works pretty well and quick with each browser except for ie which is
extremely slow and unusable.

Is there something I can do to speed it up?

Thanks in advance
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